Peter Fuller

Natural Horsemanship at Willow Brook FarmsHis methods are those of horsemanship from “The Horse’s Point of View”. Peter performed demonstrations and clinics at Willow Brook Farms as well as in parts of the United States and US Virgin Islands.
“Horse Whisperer” is a demeaning term to use in the world of horses, as it assumes these wonderful wild creatures can understand the human language to have someone supposedly tame them.  Peter Fuller is not an advocate of this term but would rather call it horse listening, understanding and relationship building, better known as horsemanship (horse-man-relationship) or harmonious horsemanship.
His methods are those of “Natural Horsemanship”, not using force to accomplish his goals with the horse, but encouraging the thing he wants and discouraging the thing he doesn’t.  Problems of bucking, shying, kicking are all self-preservation reactions that horses use to protect themselves from perceived danger. It is the horse’s nature and his herd instinct, which Peter used to his advantage, in converting a horse in becoming calmer and more manageable through leadership. Peter Fuller in CompetitionAs a youth he grew up around horses at the world famous Quarter Horse breeding and reining horse farm, Willow Brook Farms in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, where he learned “normal” horse training, instead of “natural” horse training. After years of rodeo team roping, and watching different horse disciplines abuse, force, bribe and hurt horses as a means to an end, he met Pat Parelli, the one who coined the term “Natural Horsemanship”, which started Peter on his path to understanding horses. He has worked individually with owners and their problem horses of all types, including Thoroughbred racehorses, before and after going to the track.  Loading horses resistant to being trailered and gentling young horses never started under saddle are examples of some of the things he has done.  Using a round pen, or lead line, he would start by getting the horse’s respect and response from the ground and eventually worked toward riding the horse and trying to achieve harmony with the horse using “Parelli’s Principles” and the “4 Savvys”.  This involved giving clear directions and building trust.  It is horsemanship from “The Horse’s Point of View”.
Peter was recently involved in competitions in the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) and AQHA Cutting and Ranch Versatility.  He won the Atlantic Reined Cow Horse Limited Open in 2009 and 2010, the Intermediate Rider in 2009, and the East Coast Limited Open Championship in 2011.